Bedroom Paint Ideas and Colour Schemes a Calming Bedroom

Bedroom paint ideas have evolved over time. In the past, you would find bright, bold colors such as red, orange and yellow being used for bedroom paint designs. Today, more of us are looking for lighter, softer, and earthier colors to paint our bedrooms. And, it has also become more practical to use lighter colors because they cost less and last longer.

We’ve learned to pick bedroom paint ideas that maintain the warm and comforting tones of white, off-white or beige. These are easy to pair with different textured wall colors or paint finishes. You don’t have to be a sophisticated interior designer to come up with these color schemes. Or, buy a color swatch or two, match them up, and paint your walls one by one.

For bedroom paint ideas, pale shades are the best, especially when paired with white. This creates a relaxing, even canvas that’s perfect for painting.

If you’re thinking about using warm colors, your best bedroom colors are those with a lot of green in them. Warm and inviting colors like buttery yellow and grass green have an innate ability to relax you. They also seem to change well when paired with dark or bright accents. Some colors to consider for your lawn would be burgundy (a little goes a long way), red, and tan.

Bedroom Paint Ideas for You

If you like earthy tones, there are a number of earthy bedroom paint ideas for you. One great thing about earthy tones is that they never lose their freshness. A great example of this would be a color like brown, taupe, moss green and gray. Another nice touch is to add some sand to the floors and furniture.

Cool hues are perfect if you are trying to create a cozy feel in the room. Some examples of cool hues are lilac, violet and sky blue. You can use warm hues for accent colors as long as they contrast nicely with the walls and furniture.

Pink and lavender are very popular choices as they are both very relaxing. This can really make a room feel very feminine. Shades of taupe are also very feminine, as are shades of green. Bedroom paint designs should always be inspired by relaxation. They also look very welcoming when paired with white.

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