Gender Neutral Bumper For A Baby Boy Nursery

There are no specific themes that must be used in a boy’s room. Pale blue and light green stripes with white accents create the perfect base for a boy marine nursery. The nautical theme, though a little bit on the masculine side, is very appropriate for your son’s nursery theme.

Another popular little boy’s nursery theme that you will find both genders are those of pirates. A fun idea is to use a white background for the walls and put an orange accent on the ceiling. You could also have some pirate-themed nursery furniture.

One great idea for decorating a little boy’s room is to paint it in a pastel color. For instance, use yellow on the walls or use bright yellow wallpaper. You can find a lot of accessories that match this color scheme, such as towels and throws. You can buy them or find them at an online store. They are also perfect if you are expecting twins, as they are both easy to decorate.

Once you have created your boy nursery furniture, then the best place to start decorating your room is the wall. If you have two little boys, you should have one big room with large windows and a high ceiling. This is a great place to put some toys. You can use a lot of small toys with a lot of activity features.

When he is older, you can move his play room to another room. Don’t forget to buy the baby bedding and sheets so your little boy’s room looks like a baby girl’s room.


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