Bedroom Ideas Romantic Beautiful Wall Colors

Instead of looking for an interior designer, everyone can change their bedroom ideas romantic design by them self. Having a comfortable and spacious master bedroom romantic can help someone to get the maximum quality of rest. Here are a few steps to do a master bedroom design layout.


The first step is to prepare the room. There are three things to do before drawing a room plan.

1. Measure Room Length and Width

The first thing to do is to measure the width and length of the room. Because this is the base to do a calculation of the needs of objects and additional accessories. This measurement is also intended to prevent the possibility of the room being too narrow.

If you don’t measure the room first, it could be too many items inserted, so the room becomes uncomfortable. After measuring the area of ​​the room and observing the surrounding conditions, bedroom owner can do the second stage.

2. Create a Room Fill Plan

The thing that must be in a room is, of course, a bed. Choose a comfortable and suitable bed. For example, if the bedroom is for two adults, choose a bed with a king size or queen size. These beds are usually measuring 1.8 meters x 1.2 meters or bigger.

Then on the left and right side, place a small table containing a sleep light. This small table also functions to put some items that must be around the room owner. Like smartphones, books, table clock and so on.

Also, think about putting dressers and cabinets. Because these two objects can also be placed in the room as long as the size is not too large. After making the most important items list, the room owner can add some items that serve as ornaments to beautify the room. For example carpets, small sofas, and others.

3. Pay Attention To The Direction Of The Sun, Location of the Window, and Doors

This is important for the comfort of the room. Because the direction of light, ventilation, and the location of the door determine comfort in terms of air and people circulation. Room items should not cover vents or windows. If the air and light entrances are closed, the room will feel stuffy and dark. In addition, if the window is open, the morning will feel fresher. Even the room owner might be able to enjoy the sunrise and sunset from their room.

Draw A Room Plan

The main step to do a bedroom ideas romantic design layout is to draw a room plan. Here are some guidelines for drawing a room plan that suits the conditions of each room

1. Put the Biggest Object First

The biggest object is usually a bed. Adjust the width and length of the bed to the size of the room. For example, if the room has a length of 3 meters and a width of 5 meters, it would be better if the bed is placed lengthwise.

It is assumed that the bed has a length of 2 meters. So, place the bed in the middle of the room extending towards the longest side of the room. Thus there is still 1 meter left and right of the bed. Then place other items in the rest of the room area. Having this step can make a master bedroom design layout better.

2. Place the Wardrobe Facing the Lamp

Still calculating the size of objects, place the cupboard against the wall. Make sure the closet door can be opened fully and not back to the light. For example, if a light source is a lamp. Then place the cupboard facing the lamp, so that the room owner has no trouble when choosing clothes.

3. Recheck the Size of the Object Before Moving According to the Plan

For objects that are smaller and are easy to move, everyone can adjust according to their habits. But to avoid installation errors, measure the size of each object again. The best arrangement of a room is if its fit to the owner’s habit. If the arrangement of places makes it difficult for residents to reach the objects needed, then it means that the room layout is not efficient.

By following the steps and tips above everybody can easily change the layout of the room. Move the position of the items in the room to avoid bored feeling with the atmosphere of the room. In addition, changes master bedroom design layout can also help improve room neatness.