58+ The Most Incredibly Overlooked Solution for Hidden Rooms in Houses Secret Passage Bedrooms Awesome

Fans of the fantasy genre certainly understand the secret passage bedrooms inside the house. Now many people want to adopt a secret room idea to secure the room or just for fun so that his house is more unique. Here are some tips for having houses secret passage bedrooms door.

1. Use Old Cupboard

Have you ever watched Narnia? In this film, there is an old cupboard whose interior ends into another world. This idea is quite good to do at home. The first step is preparing an old wardrobe made of wood.

Remove the back of the cupboard. Then place it on the door. Don’t forget to put some clothes in it to cover the secret room area when the closet is opened. Or you can also add a dark cloth to cover the hole in the back of the closet.

2. Wooden Palette Wall

Wood can be used as brilliant camouflage for having houses secret passage bedrooms door. Make the wooden decoration on the wall. Then make the hinges rotate on the door to the secret room. Then attach the wooden pallets neatly and without a gap between door and wall. With neat installation techniques, the door to the secret room will be disguised.

3. Stone Wall

As the wooden pallets, stone walls can also be used as an alternative to hide secret doors. Use neutral-colored natural stones such as black, brown or light green. Structuring the stone may be a little difficult because the stone is difficult to cut. But try to make sure the gap between the wall and the door is not visible.

4. Black Hole Slide

Black Hole can also be the entrance to a secret room. The way is to prepare a slide and attach it to the wall. Place it a little high about 1 meter above the floor surface, or even make it from the floor above.

After the installation is successful, the next is decorating the wall. Create space-themed paintings to disguise the black hole. Decorate walls with dark colors and stars. Close the black hole with a black cloth.

5. Hide Behind A Big Painting

The next way for having houses secret passage bedrooms door is to hide it behind a large painting. This method is much easier than other methods but a little risky. It because large paintings will look very striking in a room.

So, arrange around large paintings with displays or other paintings so that the secret door looks more “natural”. Because homeowners cannot install door handles, use door hinges with wheel designs. So when pulled, the door can open easier. Then don’t forget to lock the door from inside when someone is in the secret room.

6. Large Mirror

Another way that is also easy to do is to install a large mirror in the room. Large mirrors can give the illusion that the room looks bigger. Choose a mirror that has the same size as the door. Then attach it to the door of the room. Install the frame to make it look more beautiful and disguise the door to the fullest.

After reading these tips, anyone can make a secret room in his house. The key is to place the best camouflage neatly and according to the room around. The more doors are well camouflaged, the secret room will be more secure.