39+ Some Ideas To Put As Interior Design Kitchen Rustic Farmhouse

a special feeling when talking about a farmhouse kitchen. Mostly, it’s about a warmness and togetherness of a family, even if you wasn’t born into one. That’s why many want to recreate this by putting interior design kitchen rustic farmhouse. For that purpose, here a list to go with:

1. Wooden Counter and Cupboard

One notable thing in interior design kitchen rustic farmhouse is the wooden applicants, such as wooden countertop and cupboard. For addition, you can also add some wooden cabinet, either closed or open, and make a go with it. And to have the wholeness of the vibe, it’s better to go with the natural color of the wood.

2. Iron Shelf and Cabinet

In the farmhouse kitchen, the rustic feel also comes from the iron applicant. That’s why, to adopt the design, you can add some iron in your kitchen. For starter, you can put some classic model of cupboard handles rather than the modern one. If you’re up to advance level, then maybe an iron shelf or cabinet is your style. The recommended color for the iron applicant is black or white, but sometimes blue is also okay.

3. Have a Window

Make sure to have a glass window for your farmhouse kitchen. The original farmhouse kitchen always placed at the side of the house with a window facing the side or the back. The purpose of this window is to keep a watch on the animal and kids. Aside from that, it’s also for the natural lighting purpose. So, to pull off the interior design kitchen rustic farmhouse, you have to install a real window in your kitchen.

4. Go with Neutral Color

Another thing to remember about a farmhouse kitchen is to go with a neutral color. White and cream are the most popular for the farmhouse kitchen. But some also make a go with natural wood color. In a rare occasion, black is also good, especially if the kitchen dominated with iron applicants. And at a push, blue ceramic for the wall is okay too.

5. The AGA Stove

You shouldn’t talk about interior design for a farmhouse kitchen without mentioning the AGA stove. This multipurpose stove is the icon for the farmhouse kitchen. If you think this stove is way out of date, then you may replace it with a more modern stove. But if you wish for a top-notch rustic vibe for your kitchen, the AGA stove is the answer.

6. Large Table

You should note, that another iconic furniture in the farmhouse kitchen is a large table. Usually, this table is also serving as the dining table. An unpopular opinion stated that the location of the dining table in the kitchen is the reason why the farmhouse kitchen has a warm vibe. The reason is that it’s the place where the family member gathering and eating while chatting about their day.

Aside from the mentioned above, in interior design kitchen rustic farmhouse living plants is also important. Plants will make your kitchen livelier and also can add some color. Just a recommendation, you can put some in kitchen ingredient plant like chilly or tomato. That way you can have some life-stock-plant to use in your kitchen.