+52 A Secret Weapon for Teal and Seven Pink Awesome Bedroom Teen Decorating Ideas

Bedroom teen decorating ideas should be depending on what they like the most. As a matter of fact, teenagers have a colorful life. They have many preferences on choosing things, as well as choosing how their bedroom will look like. Don’t have any idea to do the decoration? We have some ideas to inspire you.

Classical Theme

One of the most mainstream bedroom teen decorating ideas is the classical theme. Nevertheless, there are still many people use it. That’s because the classical theme is indeed neutral. So when someday people other than the owner use the bedroom, they can still find it comfortable.

Actually, the classical theme doesn’t have a specific model. It just uses the combination of color, or we can say, the “mix and match”.

Pink and Pretty Theme

If you or your child like girlish things, you must be attracted most to the pink color. Therefore, you can choose the pink and pretty theme as one of your bedroom teen decorating ideas.

The pink and pretty theme combines pink color and the girlish stuff such as dolls, flowers, and cute pictures. In this theme, you can paint the wall with pink and white. And you can choose accessories whose color supports it.

Heroes Theme

This is one of bedroom teen decorating ideas belongs to the boys. Likewise the first theme, we also often to find this. Some heroes mostly used such as Iron Man, Captain America, Transformers, and Ben 10.

However, even if you have chosen this theme, you must be keen on choosing the right color to combine. For example, you choose the Hulk theme for your son. Therefore, you can paint the bedroom’s wall with a soft green.

Game Theme

This is kind of bedroom teen decorating ideas your children will love. The game theme. However, you’d better ask the children first what game they most favorable with. Let’s just take an example from the Mobile Legend. You can choose whether to use the theme with a specific hero, or all heroes altogether. Many parents, who are ignorant about games, will mostly disagree with this. Although this is exactly one of the most effective ways to please your children.

Magical Theme

Do your children like fantasy stories such as, maybe, Harry Potter? There are very many teenagers in the world like this magical story. Hence, having the story nuance on their bedroom will make them happy. For example, your child prefers Gryffindor –one of the houses at Hogwarts. You can combine the red and golden color in the bedroom.

Astronomical Theme

Astronomy is one of the most engaging bedroom teen decorating ideas. Imagine seeing the sun, moon, and stars on the bedroom’s ceiling. Beautiful, right? Your daughter will surely like it.

Decorating the bedroom with the astronomical theme is actually easy. For the wall, you can paint it in grey color. Set some little lamps to make the twinkling effects. In addition, on the ceiling, put the stars, sun, and moon made from glossy paper.

You can choose the entire six themes as bedroom teen decorating ideas. However, don’t forget to make sure the theme is right for your children. Not only to make a new impression, filing your children’s bedroom with favorable figures makes them love to stay at home.